Monadnock Covenant Church Ministries

Monadnock Covenant Church (MCC) has six ministry teams that serve the needs of our church and our community.  Each ministry team is lead and made up by people who feel passion to help serve in those areas.  We encourage all members of MCC to join a team and help carry out our mission inside the church and into our community and world.

Discipleship Team

Equipping people to bear fruit in a life-long relationship with God.

Care Team

Fostering a hospitable and welcoming environment in the church.

Worship Arts Team

Cultivating an environment that draws people into God's presence through worship.

Stewardship Team

Using the gifts the church has been entrusted with to further the mission of the Gospel.

Outreach Team

Engaging the congregation with the local community and the community of believers globally.

Intergenerational Team

Equiping and empowering children to become committed followers of Christ so that they will ever be transforming their world for Him.