MCC Outdoor Drive-In Style Worship Guidelines

Instructions for Arrival:

  • Please do not arrive earlier then 9:30am, but please try to be in your parking spot by 10am.
  • As you enter the parking lot, please turn right, and find an open parking spot. Traffic will be one way to make entering and exiting smooth.
  • We will be using every other parking spot, so please be sure to park only in designated spots marked with an X. This will help us to maintain the proper social distance. You can choose if you rather pull straight in, or back in, depending on which spot you choose.
  • When you have parked, you will have 3 options:
    1. Stay in your vehicle with your windows down
    2. Sit on/in your tailgate/trunk
    3. Bring lawn chairs and set them up in the empty space between you and the vehicle next to you (to the left of your vehicle as you face the church).
  • We are asking that families travel in as few vehicles as possible. If for some reason you do need to arrive in more than one vehicle, but can consolidate to one at the church, please park the spare vehicle in the back of the church and join your family in the other vehicle.

Instructions for Engaging in Worship:

  • We will provide a digital order of worship and song lyrics found on this page.
    • If you are unable to download or print, we will print a limited number of lyrics sheets available when you arrive.
  • If any given Sunday is on the first of the month, you will have the option to either bring your own communion supplies, or use pre-packaged supplies provided by the church. Please let the office know if you need those in advance. They will be available for pickup once you arrive, or via pickup on Saturday. Communion elements will not be brought around during the service.

Instructions for Social Interactions

  • We are all excited to see one another. Please say hello from safe distances. Stay on each side of an empty parking spot. If you would like to talk to one another, do so at a minimum of 6 feet, and wear a mask. But, please do not walk around the parking lot during worship.
  • We will be enforcing these measures. If we, collectively, demonstrate an inability/unwillingness to care for one another by ignoring safety measures, we will not have opportunities to meet in person in the future.

Other Instructions

  • The church building will be close to all but worship team and staff. Please do not go into the church building.
  • The service will be broadcast via loudspeakers set up throughout the parking lot, as well as transmitted over FM radio (97.3FM)
  • Please do not leave your vehicle running during the entire service. We want to save the environment, and make sure people around you are not breathing in emissions.
  • Bathrooms will be closed. This is in accordance with guidelines from ECC and our insurance company. We unfortunately will not be able to make any exceptions.
  • There will be two spots near the stage reserved for those who utilize ASL interpretation. Please respect these spaces.
  • Please try and keep the travel lanes of the parking lot open, in case of an emergency, we want to make sure people/emergency vehicles can still access our property. Please do not try and leave the parking lot in the event of emergency, but please await further instructions.
  • If you know you will need to leave early, please park somewhere near the entrance/exit.